Dog pee leaves yellow stains and bad smell odors in your home. If the affected area is not cleaned well, the dogs will pee on the same spot repeatedly making the situation in the house worse. Ensure regular carpet cleaning services to maintain a good environment in your home.

Dog Pee Cleaning
Dog Pee Cleaning

Some Important Steps to Clean Dog Pee Off the Carpet.

The following steps are involved when removing the dog pee out of the carpet.

  • The first thing to do is to absorb the urine if the place is wet. Failure to do this leads to the build-up of bacteria and smell if left to dry on the carpet. Use several paper towels and make sure they absorb as much urine as possible. Avoid rubbing it in since it may lead to further damage. Repeat this several times up to a point where the towels cannot absorb more dog urine. If you could not recognize the pee, while still wet, use a black light to locate the urine spots. The light makes the urine glow in a dark room. 
  • Spray the place using a urine eliminator to get rid of the bad odor. You can choose to use either commercial or homemade carpet deodorizing and carper sanitizing products. Homemade products can be made simply by mixing an equal amount of white vinegar and water. If you opt for commercial products, prefer the one with hydrogen peroxide and apply it as per the manufacturers’ guide. Avoid ammonia-based or ammonia products since they smell like the dogs’ urine hence encouraging the puppy pee on the same spot. 
  • After the affected area dries up, you can clean it by applying baking soda. Dissolve the soda with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and a teaspoon of detergent. Dissolve the baking soda using a scrubbing brush. Avoid using the caustic detergent dishwasher in the solution instead use ordinary dishwashing detergent. Ensure the area is dry completely and vacuum it. If the stains on the carpet are very heavy, repeat the process for several. 

Carpet dog pee removal might be the hardest home task but it is worth doing it. Cleaning the area well may help you from having to replace the carpet and you will not love to live in a stinking home so you have to apply effort in working the problem out. 

Useful Tips for Removing Dog Urine from your Carpet

Several ways have been used to remove the dog urine from the carpet. However, most of them have failed to completely remove the bad smell of the carpet. 

Dog Urine Cleaning
Dog Urine Cleaning

Below are Steps That Can Be Used to Solve the Issue

  • Try applying solutions that can effectively remove the odor from the carpet. Multiple solutions are proven to act accordingly and settle the smelly issues in the house. Bio-enzymatic solutions also can remove odors from long ago on the carpet. 
  • When you locate the are with the urine on your carpet, dab many paper towels on top of the urine to absorb the urine. Put pressure on the towels to ensure maximum absorption of the liquid dirt. Repeat the process several times. 
  • After you eliminate the odor and remove the urine using a bio-enzymatic solution, you can now apply car shampoo on the affected area of the carpet. This makes the carpet smell good and it can be used in conditioning the carpet since it has conditioning agents. The softness of your carpet is maintained as well. 
  • After finishing the whole practice, wash the area with warm water. This helps to remove the dirt left behind by the solutions and also the bacteria present in the place.

Find Professional

Various technicians are trained in dealing with tough stains on home carpets. Sometimes the situation in your carpet may require professional Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide. They are able to deal with any type of stains on carpets by carpet deep cleaning that ensures the carpet is cleaned thoroughly.

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