Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration Services Melbourne

Safe & Affordable Flood Damage Carpet Restoration in Melbourne

Flood-damaged carpets are annoying but no one has a foolproof solution to avoid floods. However, with Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, now you have a fool proof solution to restore flood-damaged carpets. We welcome you to a carpet cleaning company that offers safest, reliable, quickest, and affordable flood damage carpet restoration services all across Melbourne.

Flood Damage Carpet Restoration Service

Flood Damage Carpet Restoration Service

We are a dedicated team of workers who are passionate about restoring carpets, especially from flood damage. Apart from carpet cleaning, flood damage carpet restoration is one of our main services and we have appointed a core team for the same. We hire licensed & certified cleaners who are smart and quick to enact and evolve. They study a particular flood damage situation and deliver carpet restoration services accordingly in the finest possible way.

Our motto at Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is to deliver fresh, clean, and absolutely hygienic carpets to our customers. We provide riddance from contaminants, germs, bacteria, allergens, and all sorts of pollutants. Call us to know more about our services or to get a free quote!

Water Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

Water Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

Structural Drying

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne also provides structural drying services for flood-damaged homes/offices. When the flood hits your home/office, moisture sets into floors, walls, and other parts of the building too. There is nothing you can do about the same. Only professional carpet experts have the right equipment to dry all of this using structural drying process. We have state-of-the-art dehumidifiers for complete drying.

Carpet Mould Restoration

With our flood damage restoration services, you can be sure of complete mould removal from your carpets. We work on protecting the flood-damaged carpets from prospective mould growth after cleaning. Moreover, we take into account mouldy smooth edges and mouldy underlay. Our process includes disinfection of the floors to do away with foul smell from your home/office.

Carpet Hot Water Extraction Melbourne

Carpets are known to accumulate and soak copious amount of water and wet carpets can suffer water damage. To completely restore and repair wet carpets it’s advisable that you extract the water asap. Fresh Carpet Cleaning will provide you with hot water extraction service. The water is extracted from the carpet using hot water injection. Pressurised steam or hot water is made to inject in the carpet which brings along all the dirt and soaked water. Then we further start wet carpet drying process to dry the carpet instantly. Prevent Carpet Water Damage by availing our hot water injection service today in Melbourne.

How We Perform Restoration for Flood Water Damaged Carpets

Flood Water Damaged Carpets

Flood Water Damaged Carpets

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has been delivering flood damage carpet restoration for decades now. We understand the importance of time and value of following the comprehensive procedure for a perfect clean-up.

Our Carpet Restoration Process Involves The Following Steps:

  • Detailed inspection of the affected area.
  • Removing stuff from the affected area.
  • Taking into account the severity of the water damage.
  • Extracting water using submersible pumps.
  • Mopping the carpets with chemical-free solutions.
  • Treating carpets with mould removal agents.
  • Drying the carpets with air dryers & air dehumidifier.
  • Applying certain special treatments like anti-microbial & anti-browning for deep cleaning.
  • Repairing carpets if required.
  • Ensuring the underlay is completely dry.
  • Relaying and re-stretching of the carpet.
  • Carpet steam cleaning for complete contaminant removal.
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing the carpets to infuse a new life into the carpet.Awesome Water Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

Quick Response for Effective Flood Damage Restoration

Any flood damage carpet restoration can only lead to positive outcome if the cleaners reach on time. And this is only possible if the victim calls for professional cleaners immediately in case of flood damage. Therefore, it is MUST to call in experts within 24 hours of flood damage otherwise your carpets may become irreparable permanently. Our flood damage carpet restoration team at Fresh Carpet Cleaning is ready to tackle such emergency situations and enacts within an hour of your call!

Other Carpet Restoration Services

Apart from flood, there are various other possibilities of water damage to your precious carpets. These may include a leaking tap, overflow of a bathtub, overflow of a washing machine, roof leakage, hot water system leakage, stormwater, and so on. We are here to help you with any kind of water damage carpet restoration. Just give us a call!

Best Water Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

Best Water Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

Carpet Fabric Protection

We have special means to add more life to your favorite carpets – fabric protection. We create a protective shield for the carpet fabric that keeps it safe from numerous stains, spills, and mould growth in future. Try us!

Pre-Arrival Preparation

You can contribute in flood damage carpet restoration process by doing the following before our people arrive at your place:

  • Turn off the water source, if you can.
  • Don’t walk on the damaged carpet.
  • Move any furniture from the wet carpet, if possible.
  • Don’t touch anything around the water affected area.
  • Don’t vacuum the wet carpet.
  • Don’t use any electrical item including fan.

Why Choose Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a favourite name in Melbourne for carpet cleaning services. People reach out to us in case of a flood-damaged carpet because they know we deliver what we promise. In addition to that,

Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

  • We use eco-friendly carpet restoration methods.
  • We have state-of-the-art machines for efficient results.
  • We are available 24×7.
  • We are open on weekends & public holidays too.
  • Our cleaners are certified, licensed, and locals of Melbourne.
  • We charge lowest prices for flood damage restoration.
  • We assure you of guaranteed results.
  • We serve all suburbs in Melbourne.

Let the professionals take over when you can’t do much. Call Fresh Carpet Cleaning for flood damage carpet restoration and save your carpets with sure shot guarantee!

Quick and simple service reach

With the help of Fresh Carpet Cleaning My family and I had the option to come back to our normal live after the flood crises which we faced last year due to the clogged pipes at our place. All the restoration goes smoothly with the experts of Fresh Carpet Cleaning Much thanks to you guys.
- Liam Hemsworth

Best flood damage carpet restoration

I find fresh carpet cleaning is the quickest, safest, affordable and reliable flood damage carpet restoration services Melbourne. Fresh Carpet Cleaning are the licensed & certified cleaners. I liked their work. They are the complete solution for the flood damage carpet restoration. Their team is very smart and dynamic in doing the work. Thank you fresh carpet guys. Keep up doing good work. I would like to recommend you to all.
- Charlotte

Best solution for flood damage carpet

Do not panic if you stuck with the annoying issue of Flood-damaged carpets. Call Fresh flood damage carpet restoration Melbourne Cleaning services for your best help. I find them reliable and safest solution for my carpet restoration requirement. They have a team of young dynamic guys, who work with all the enthusiasm to handle the flood damage situation. I really liked their work. I would like to recommend them to all.
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