Vomit stains are the worst. But, accidents happen. There are times when little kids or pets puke on carpeting. That is the time when you feel anger, helplessness, frustration, and annoyance at the same time and you are left with no choice but to clean it. Cleaning vomit off the carpet is a major task but can be done effectively and quickly, if you know the right way to do it. What makes vomit stain worse is its unbearable odour. Here we have brought a step-by-step guide that tells you the best way for vomit stain and odor removal from the carpet.

Carpet Deodoriser removal of vomit stink Melbourne

Carpet Deodoriser removal of vomit stink Melbourne

Vomit Stain Removal From Carpet

  • Step 1: Scrap Off Maximum Amount of Vomit

    As soon as overcome the shock of this horrible accident, it’s better to get into the action. Scrap off the throw up with the help of a spoon, to prevent it settling down the carpet padding. It’s best if you have a scraper, but if not use a spoon to remove excess amount of vomit off the carpet. Make sure you are wearing gloves and covered your mouth with the mask.

  • Step 2: Sprinkle The Affected Area with Absorbent

    Once, you have removed the solid off the carpet, apply the adsorbent substance to the affected area, and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. You can use a high-quality commercial product or, baking soda, cornstarch, or salt, so, it can soak up the excess moisture from the stain.

  • Step 3: Treat The Stain With Cleaning Solution

    After 15-20 minutes of absorbent application on the stain, vacuum it up and start the further treatment. Use a carpet cleaner or carpet stain remover to treat the stained area following the instructions labeled on the carpet cleaner bottle. (Do not forget to do a small patch test on the hidden area of the carpet).

  • Step 4: Blot Up The Stain

    Blot the area using a wet cloth to remove the stain completely. Make sure you don’t rub the stain, as it can worsen the situation seeping it deep into the carpet fiber.

  • Step 5: Give The Area Ample Time To Get Dry

    Leave the treated area overnight to let it dry completely, before bringing it into the use once again.

How to Remove Vomit Stains From Carpet Melbourne

How to Remove Vomit Stains From Carpet Melbourne

Vomit Odour Removal From Carpet

Even after the vomit stain removal from the carpet, you may smell its bad odour lingering in the room. Vomit odour is a bit hard to get rid of and demand some extra efforts. Follow these steps to get rid of vomit odours from the carpet.

Repeat the steps as in Vomit stain removal process from step 1 to step 4 and exclude the drying part.

Remove Vomit Smell From Carpet Melbourne

Remove Vomit Smell From Carpet Melbourne

  • Step 1: Steam Clean The Affected Area

    If you have a steam cleaner, bring it into action and if not rent or buy one. Steam clean the affected area following the user manual instructions carefully. Steam cleaning is the best method for carpet stain and odour removal. As the steam kills bad odour causing germs and bacterias in the carpet.

  • Step 2: Disinfect The Treated Area

    Use a commercial disinfectant solution on the treated area to ensure the carpet is germ and bacteria free And know more about Carpet cleaning checklist.

  • Step 3: Apply Carpet Deodoriser

    At last, spray the carpet deodoriser for the complete removal of vomit stink. You can buy a commercial deodorant or make one at home by combining the mixture of water and essential oils.

Vomit Odour Removal From Carpet Melbourne

Vomit Odour Removal From Carpet Melbourne

Hire The Professional Carpet Cleaners

Instead of taking the pain of such worst and stinking stain removal, the best option is to hire the professional help. The professional carpet cleaners know the best and effective ways to remove such stubborn stains and odours from your carpets, giving them the new look. The experts at Fresh Carpet Cleaning can do this tough job of you at the affordable prices without making it a hassle for you. Call us now and get the best services for carpet cleaning in your residential and commercial properties.