Bloodstains are so offensive for your carpet’s appearance. So, it is better to act than react and remove it as soon as possible. Clean up your carpet and remove blood stains from your carpet with little tolerance. If you are trying to remove fresh blood stains, you may get success. But for old bloodstains, you will have to work hard and use some different techniques. So, follow our guidelines or use instructions with having persistence. By following our useful step, you can complete the task of carpet blood stain removal easily. 

Five Simple Steps for Removing Blood Stains

Time needed: 10 minutes.

The stepwise removal of any stain gets easy and there are very fewer chances of error in the work. Bloodstain removal is a tough task but it can get easy if you follow the below given five simple steps.

  1. Use Cold Water-

    You can use normal or cold water to remove the fresh blood from your carpet. By using cold water, you can remove the fresh blood easily and will get cleaned carpet. First, spray the stained area with cold water and allow it to be moisturized. And, blot up with a white towel and remove the consistency of blood. Apply this procedure 4 or 5 times for getting the result.

  2. Using Liquid Detergent –

    Apply liquid detergent for carpet stain removal services. mIx liquid detergent into a small quantity of water and apply it directly on the stained area. Allow the affected area to be soaked up properly with the cleaning solution. Then, scrub the area with a gentle brush. The toothbrush is sufficient for scrubbing, you can use it for cleaning the carpet. After that, wash your carpet and leave it to dry up.

  3. Make Salt Paste-

    If you haven’t time to buy any carpet stain removal product, You can make a salt paste for carpet cleaning. Take a small bowl and fill it with water and mix sufficient salt to make a thin paste. Mix well and apply it on the stained area. Leave it for 1 or 2 hours for better result. Then, blot and wash it with pure water to get a result.

  4. Use Ammonia-

    Clean your carpet with ammonia. You can use it, if you want to get an efficient result of carpet cleaning. By using this process you can save your money from costly professional carpet stain removal service. Use a spray bottle to fill ammonia and water. Shake the spray bottle to mix well and apply it on the affected area. Then, blot it with a white towel or cloth and wash it carefully.

  5. Use Hydrogen Peroxide-

    For cleaning the old and tough blood stains, use hydrogen peroxide. To start your cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, vacuum the area. Then, apply it on the stained area and leave it  5 minutes to set upon carpet’s fibre. Blot it by using a clean cloth and wash it now to get the result. Carpet Blood Stain Removal

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