When it comes to carpet repair, patching a carpet is necessary to detach the damaged section. Cigarette burns, spills and other misfortune can damage a small section of wall to entire wall carpeting. Luckily, patching a ruined carpet is easy and requires a few supplies and just a little time.

Carpet Patching Service
Carpet Patching Service

Wanna Easily Patch your Damaged Carpet, Just Follow These Carpet Patching Steps.

Step 1: Patch Repair Kit

Use the tape to measure the width and length of the patch that is ruining the entire carpet. You’ll find the tape in the patch repair kit. Measuring the patch’s size will make it easy to replace the accurate size of the patch. Outline the damaged section with duct tape. Outlining the section will make easy to remove the exact measured area.

Use a carpet cutting tool or a utility knife to cut across the inside perimeter of the duct tape. Gently apply pressure to cut along both the front and back surface of the carpet, but don’t put extra pressure on the carpet Otherwise it will damage the central layer of padding. Flip of the carpet surface, when one section completely gets cut. Facedown the carpet remnant and measure it with the measurement tool used earlier.

Now, use the carpet cutter or utility knife to cut out the patch. Move and fit the carpet patch then apply the glue. Check the fitting of the patch before glue permanently sets. Move the carpet brush around the patch to hide a pile of the patch.

Step 2: Patch Repair with Heat

As we did above, measure the area and cut the measured carpet out in a rectangular shape with a utility knife. If you want to cut it in Circular shape cut it with Circular carpet cutter. Remove the damaged spot of the carpet but don’t pressurize it otherwise carpet will be more damaged. You can also mark the outer line of the damaged carpet and cut it. After, measuring and cutting the replacement patch.

Wet the adhesive patch pad. Place adhesive patch pad on the patch’s upper side and keep it in the center. Set your iron heat on high and carefully press down the iron-on patch pad. When you hear a slight sound when you press down the iron-on patch pad, don’t worry your carpet is not burning, it’s just heating water sound.

Move your iron and cover the entire patch with heat. When the patch gets heated enough, remove the iron and from the patch pad and let the patch dry. The glue on the pad will fully dry when the carpet will get cool. Remove the loose fibers of the patch with a carpet brush. You can do Carpet patching by yourself or contact Local Carpet Repair Services in Melbourne.

Carpet Patching Service
Carpet Patching Service

Seek Professional Help.

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