In case, if you’re confused between which methods to use for cleaning your carpets then, here we help you in deciding the best among them. Well both of these techniques and widely used Carpet Cleaning methods which are even recommend by most of the professional cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Let’s Decide Which One is Best Through:

Well the Carpet Steam Cleaning is the process which may help in removing almost all type of stains and make you carpet looks like the new one. In the case that the stain on your carpet is extensive has been then for over a month or is in business or retail space you ought to consider have it expertly carpet steam cleaning cleaned.

Other Than this, green Carpet Cleaning process is a technique which uses less water and green products which are made up of natural elements, other than this, they are also free from any type of chemical use. It is totally a natural cleaning procedure for cleaning your rugs.

Some Essential Points of Difference

Green Carpet Cleaning methods Steam Cleaning
● utilizing the environment friendly carpet cleaning products● Traditional; method of cleaning with the use of chemicals and detergents.
● No soaps or detergents are used● Harsh chemicals and detergents are used
● As such no sticky residue allergens resists the resoiling● it encourages sticky residue resoiling
● Use of very less water. ● excess use of water
● The pressure released is not very high on the carpets, thus  low pressure application is used● use of High pressure application
● Dries out quickly within like 1-2 hours● takes more dry time to clean like around 1-2 days.
● Green solutions are environment
faintly and safe for the use of children and pets
● Whereas the use of excessive
water may give rise to the bacterial and mold, mildew.

Pros and Cons Related With The Steam and Green Carpet Cleaning Methods

In case you’re as yet uncertain, here’s a brisk breakdown of the steam cover cleaning versus green cleaning:

  • Steam cleaning the carpet by your own simply implies that you need just high temp water, a leased machine and cleanser. Lamentably, you’ll have to wait for around 1-2 days to again utilize it after carpet steam cleaning.  
  • Ground-in stains normally return in the initial couple of days after steam cleaning. Business arrangements can wipe out a portion of these issues, yet there are sure stains — pet stains or synthetic stains, for instance — that require different cleaning treatments or can’t be expelled.
  • Green Cleaning, in the meantime, offers the upside of no drying time and a viable cleaning through substance specialists and application arrangement
  • The synthetic compounds or the chemicals utilized in cleaning are harmful or dangerous, and thus all people are advised to contact or start shifting to the green cleaning which is more effective and efficient than the Brisbane Carpet Cleaning.
Expert Carpet Cleaning
Expert Carpet Cleaning

Why to Choose Our Services?

Thus simply hire the green Carpet Cleaning professionals of Fresh Carpet Cleaning.Our team of professionals are trained in the field and having years of working experience. The chemicals we use for cleaning do not have any side-effects. Moreover our Fresh Carpet Cleaning professional take care of your health along with cleanness.