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Let me know the charges of your carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration Service?

We believe in providing cost-effective service to our customers. Our carpet flood water damage restoration services are available at a very reasonable price. However, for a rough estimate for your specific needs, we request you to give us a call and have a word with our customer service executive. They will guide you through the process and explain to you all the necessary details. By sharing a few details with us, you can get a rough estimate for your carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration.

Flood Water Damage Restoration

Flood Water Damage Restoration

Can you perform carpet food restoration?

Fresh Carpet Cleaning has exclusive and exceptional team of cleaners for carpet flood restoration. We understand that flood damage causes not just physical injuries but mental too and how distressing the situation is. Our staff is friendly and compassionate in providing carpet flood restoration and you can relax while we restore your carpets and give them a fresher, cleaner, and newer look with our high-tech tools and eco-friendly solutions.

Who will move the furniture? What all I have to do for a carpet cleaning session?

With Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you do not have to worry about anything. You just need to tell us your requirements and your availability for the service and we will take care of the rest. Our professional cleaners work hard to make it a hassle-free cleaning experience for you. They will move the furniture wherever required and they will put it back once they have completed their job.
To provide you a flawless carpet cleaning, we need to perform our services without any barrier. And for this we will need access to your property, electricity, free parking and running water. That’s all!

How do you appoint your technicians?

Fresh Carpet Cleaning believes that it is our technicians/cleaners who make us. They are our biggest asset and a lot of our reputation depends on them. So we take utmost consideration while making our team and bringing new people aboard. Any qualified cleaner who wishes to become a part of our team has to undergo an interview where we ask for certain important documents such as ID proof, residence proof, and two references etc. Once a candidate clears the interview, we train him personally to ensure our customers get nothing less than the BEST!

What all do you need from me for carpet cleaning?

We need access to running water and electricity to offer you thorough carpet cleaning. Our cleaners are trained to provide you the best of carpet cleaning always and we also move whatever furniture needs to be moved. Our cleaners will also keep the furniture back once they are done with their cleaning jobs. However, we would request you to remove all the fragile items from the cleaning area so that it remains safe. Other than that, everything will be taken care of by our experienced cleaners.

Are your team members insured and bonded?

Ans: Yes, your safety means a lot to Fresh carpet cleaning. We make sure to insure and bond each staff members on the day of appointing them.

Are you available on Sunday for Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Yes, we work 7 days 6am till 9pm. Our carpet cleaners are also available 24 X 7 in case of an emergency such as flood damage carpet restoration.

How should we maintain the home carpets to keep them in a good condition?

All for your regular domestic need you can clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. Generally, in the average household many people clean manually almost every day. However apart from that, you need to clean your carpet professionally at least once a year. This will extend the life of your carpet. Your carpet will look like a new one. It is rather a better idea to go for the steam cleaning method for the best outcome.

Do you give carpet repair services?

Yes, Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne extends excellent, accurate, and reliable carpet repair services to our clients residing in Melbourne. Our qualified professionals understand how properly to manage your Carpet Repair them to provide a new and unique appearance.

Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair Services

Why should I choose you over my maid who can do carpet cleaning with damp cloth?

Your maid can’t do what we can! First of all, your maid is not qualified or trained enough to handle expensive carpets. This may lead to a severe damage to the carpet. Secondly, your maid does not have either proper solutions or equipment to provide a thorough and meticulous carpet cleaning. Third, your maid can’t remove the allergens using a damp cloth but we can. We, the Fresh Carpet Cleaning team, have all of them – latest tools, bio-friendly cleaning solutions, and immense experience along with training to leave your carpets in a spic and span condition!

Why do I need professionals for carpet flood water damage restoration?

The professionals are well trained and experienced to handle the carpet restoration task. Water damaged Carpets should be speedily restored for the aversion of any damages, that is why you need professionals like us whose expert service will salvage your carpet and bring it back to its original condition.  When floods set in and cause any havoc to your carpet, you need to fasten up and contact the professionals so that your wet carpet can be restored. The professionals can help you in the best possible manner. Call us now and get professional carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration.

How do I know you are the best carpet flood water damage restoration service provider in Sydney?

We let our work speak for itself. Instead of boasting about providing the best carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration service in Sydney, we prefer doing a flawless job. And we are thankful to our clients who leave their precious feedback claiming that we are the number 1 choice for their Carpet Restoration needs. If you wish to read about our client’s personal experiences with our services, please visit our Review Page.

How can I make the payment? Do I have to make it in advance?

With Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you can choose your mode of payment, the one that suits you. We accept all kinds of payment methods including cash payment, online transfer, credit cards, or even cheques.
No, you do not need to make any payments in advance. On the contrary, you only have to pay to our cleaners once they have finished the service and you are completely satisfied with the performance. If you do not find our services satisfactory then you do not have to pay at all!

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

How much Expertise do your Technicians have in Carpet Repairing Services?

Our technicians have years of expertise in Carpet Repair . we have been helping our customers with full dedication and giving 100% assured service.

In How Many Suburbs Do you Provide Carpet Repairing Services?

Well, you will get our technicians in all suburbs across Melbourne. We have been repairing the flood-damaged carpet and water damaged carpets from years and now we are fully trained in Carpet Repair.

Can you Repair a Part of The Carpet?

If you have carpet pieces left over from installation, you can repair the damaged part with a remnant. If you don’t have pieces, a section of carpeting from a private area of the room, such as a room or behind an entrance, will also work. Repairing a damaged section of carpeting is a mere task you can do yourself. Or you can go for a Carpet Repair Service.

Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair Services

Why Should I Choose a Professional for Carpet Cleaning?

Cleaning the carpet on your own may damage the fabric and there are contaminants present in your carpet and can only be removed with a deep clean. These contaminants are very harmful and cause various health issues. So experts suggest taking a professional help as the professionals are well trained to perform the carpet cleaning job. They have proper knowledge about the fabric and use an appropriate solution to clean the carpet. They deep clean the carpet using best carpet cleaning methods such as Carpet Steam Cleaning or carpet dry cleaning. To book the professional carpet cleaning services get in touch with us. We provide excellent Carpet cleaning services and our professionals make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and hygienic to use again.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

What are your working hours? Can I call in evening?

We at Fresh Carpet Cleaning work 24×7 hours a day all year through so that we can be there whenever you need us. Our customer care advisors are always there to attend your call and answer all your queries. You can call us anytime, even in the evening. Depending upon the workload, we are always ready for providing you same day and emergency cleaning services.

Do you offer carpet repair services?

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers exceptional, finest, and safest carpet repair services to our customers living in Melbourne. Our trained technicians know how well to treat your carpets and repair those to give a fresh and new look.

Does your service involve mould removal from carpet?

Yes! Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides a complete carpet cleaning package. We not just give you a cleaner looking carpet but a mould/yeast/bacteria/fungi/other contaminants free carpet. Our cleaning process combined with the sanitizing and deodorizing process guarantees to remove all kind of contaminants and pollutants that could be harmful for the health of your loved ones.

How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

The carpet drying process is dependable upon certain factors. The temperature, air flow, and humidity in the area play a major role in deciding how much time it will take for the carpet to try. Usually it takes between 8 to 24 hours for a carpet to completely dry after cleaning. It is recommended to check whether it has dried or not before you start walking on it again. Try to avoid street shoes on the recently cleaned carpet as damp carpet might absorb more soil than the dry carpet. Our experts will suggest you if you can use fans or air conditioning/heating systems to speed up the drying process.

Who will move the furniture, if required?

Our cleaners will move the furniture whenever required. And they also keep the furniture back to the original place once they are done with carpet cleaning. When you choose Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for your carpet cleaning needs, you can be sure that it will be a hassle-free experience for you.

Are your cleaners insured for doing carpet cleaning in Melbourne?

Yes, all our cleaners at Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are insured to perform carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Your homes and offices are absolutely safe with us. Call us for a free quote for your carpet cleaning service!

Can you clean vomit from my couch?

Yes, Fresh Carpet Cleaning team is able to clean vomit from your couch. We can even clean urine from your upholstery. We have special cleaning solutions that ensure that once the cleaning done there are no stains or smells left behind. Call us now to get your couches cleaned in a pristine way.

My carpet is stained. Can it be restored without any damage?

Yes. Fresh Carpet Cleaning has the expertise in stain removal from your expensive carpets. Stain removal is the main reason why our customers choose us among other service providers and it is the main reason why people have to opt for professional carpet cleaning. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration while treating a stain – how old the stain is, has it be pre-treated before, what kind of a stain it is and similar ones. When you give us a call, our customer executives will ask you such simple questions to enable our cleaners to come equipped with the right solutions for your carpet. We give 100% to remove all stains from the carpets!

What if your chemicals damage my expensive carpets?

With Fresh Carpet Cleaning you don’t have to be anxious about your carpets being damaged by the chemicals involved in the cleaning methods. We are an environment-loving organization and we don’t indulge in anything that could harm our environment. Therefore, we make sure that all our cleaning solutions are made with only eco-friendly products. You can be sure that our cleaning solutions are only hard on the stains but mild on your carpets. So your carpets are utterly sage with us!

Do you take responsibility for your carpet cleaning services in Melbourne?

Yes! Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne takes full responsibility of its carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. In fact we guarantee you flawless service with exceptional outcomes and if you don’t feel so, let us know and we will send our cleaners again to re-do the carpet cleaning for no additional fee.

Fresh Cleaners

When we went to our rental property after the tenants had left, we found the carpets were in a mess. We thought there was no way to get them cleaned and we will have to replace them. Though the tenants had called some carpet cleaners to do carpet steam cleaning but we could still see stains and dirt on the carpets. As new tenants were to arrive in two days we thought of giving it a try and called Fresh Carpet Cleaning. We are so glad to have taken that decision at that crucial moment because these guys not just came on the same evening but gave a complete makeover to the carpet thereby making the property look lovely. Thanks for the great service. – Finn Lane

How many years of experience do you have in carpet cleaning?

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has been delivering successful carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services to its clients all across Melbourne for more than two decades now. Our rich experience makes us all the more sensitive towards your specific needs and individual requirements.

Does your cleaning include mould removal from carpets?

Yes, we believe in complete carpet cleaning that includes not just the outer surface but deep cleaning too. Our cleaning methods clean your carpets not just from the outside but also remove the deeply embedded impurities. This means with Fresh Carpet Cleaning you get freedom from bacteria, fungi, mould, and all types of contaminants that reside in your carpets. We have exclusive cleaning solutions that sterilize your carpets for a healthier experience

Can you do commercial carpet cleaning?

Yes, Fresh Carpet Cleaning does offer commercial carpet cleaning solutions are Melbourne’s all suburbs. We have dealt with customers who required carpet cleaning for their hotels, offices, restaurants, and other commercial properties. We have intense cleaning equipment to ensure you don’t feel disappointed with our services. And our certified cleaners are trained and experienced to handle all big and small carpet cleaning assignments.

Can you handle hot water system leak on carpet?

We specialize in carpet water restoration services. Water damage is the worst kind of damage that could happen to a lovely carpet. This water could come from any source. In case your hot water system has betrayed you unexpectedly and the leakage has caused reached your carpet then our expert cleaners can handle it with utmost precision. Our cleaners are trained to provide emergency support in such dire cases where immediate attention and work is required. We request you to call us urgently in case your hot water system breaks down and damages your carpet. The more you let water stay on the carpet, the more damage it will do to your valuable carpet.

How quickly can you come?

Fresh Carpet Cleaning aims to achieve complete customer satisfaction and we know it cannot be accomplished unless we accommodate ourselves as per your schedule. We try to visit your place and attend your call as and when you want. Depending upon the workload, we even provide same day and emergency carpet cleaning services in Melbourne without any additional cost. Just pick up your phone and call us to make your carpets cleaner and brighter again!

How much time does it take to clean the carpets?

We do not restrict ourselves to time and our experienced cleaners have been trained to follow the same. However, once our skilled cleaners visit your place, they will do an initial inspection to find out what kind of work and how much work is required. Accordingly they will give you a rough estimate about how much time it will take to do the carpet cleaning. Majorly it depends on the size of the property, number of carpets, size of the carpet, and the kind of effort (stain etc) is required for a spotless clean.