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How to Patch Carpet?

Carpet Patching Service

When it comes to carpet repair, patching a carpet is necessary to detach the damaged section. Cigarette burns, spills and other misfortune can damage a small section of wall to entire wall carpeting. Luckily, patching a ruined carpet is easy and requires a…


Which Carpet Fabric is The Easiest To Clean?

Fabric Carpet Cleaning

Different people have different styles and standard of living. So we can’t say there is a specific type of carpet fabric which is easiest to clean and maintain for everyone. However, there are some carpets which tend to retain their beauty and stay…


Importance of Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair Service

Carpets form an integral part of the home and office interior. But, along with that they are the most neglected ones as well. Most of us think that regularly cleaning carpet is not that important. Carpet is just like your bed sheets made…


Green Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service

In case, if you’re confused between which methods to use for cleaning your carpets then, here we help you in deciding the best among them. Well both of these techniques and widely used Carpet Cleaning methods which are even recommend by most of…


Breaking The 3 Significant Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service

Most people do not take much care of their carpet and only dust off occasionally, while cleaning of carpet is necessary as cleaning of other items in the house. If you keep on ignoring your carpet in the same manner then you must…


Types of Damages to Your Carpets, Preventive Measures and Repairing

Carpet Damage Repair

Carpets on the floor are seen in almost all houses and offices. Some of the carpet damage is inevitable and can only be stopped by being cautious. Carpets are expensive and you cannot buy or replace them every time. So you can choose…


Why Steam Carpet Cleaning is More Beneficial As Compared to Other Cleaning Techniques?

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very much essential as it is the most commonly used home décor. It can trap much dust inside it; hence it is important to clean the carpet time to time. There are many ways which can be used for the…


DIY Oil Stain Removal From The Carpet

Carpet Oil Stain Removal

Oil and grease stains are very nasty and can result in permanent damage to the carpet. By trapping a lot of dirt and dust these oil stains can leave very dirty black marks on your carpet and with time can create holes and…


How To Restore The Carpet From Flood Damage?

Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Water flooding inside your homes can be a serious problem and floodwater can damage your furniture upholstery and carpet. Carpet is very important and is easily damaged by water. Carpet water damage can lead to the growth of mould and bacteria and may…


Chewing Gum Stain Removal Steps

Chewing Gum Stain Removal

Threw a chewing gum on the carpet, this must be frustrating, probably it’s not your lucky day. A chewing gum can really be annoying, it bond with the carpet fabric very well. But you shouldn’t care about their bond, break it anyway. It’ll…