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Fresh Carpet Stain removal Melbourne

When you have a fresh stain in the home that you think needs expert handling by Fresh Carpet Stain removal Melbourne, then you should know that our trained staffs attend to any kind of spillages promptly. The first thing that they expertly do is to assess the type of stain that needs removal in order to determine the best approach to use.

Carpet Stain Removal Services Melbourne

Carpet Stain Removal Services Melbourne

If it is a simple stain, then our certified cleaners will scrape and blot up the excess, which is done from outside back towards the centre of stain in order to avoid spreading the stain any further.
We will dilute some stain removing liquid that is custom prepared to suit the treatment that is needed for your job, the stain will be expertly treated and an the solution left to permeate the grains of the fibers before being removed after loosening will have been achieved.
This only applies to fresh stains, you need to keep it moist by way of covering it with a very damp towel. You should not allow it to set, this is meant to make it a lot easier for removal by a Fresh Carpet Stain removal Melbourne professional using the right kind of products and equipment.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia