Carpet Cleaning Services

To get rid of this and to ensure complete safety for your family, a professional carpet cleaning is necessary. Fresh Carpet Cleaning Theodore provides high quality, affordable and 100% reliable cleaning services for your carpets. Lightweight, small, big and bulky, nylon or acrylic, we offer our services for a wide variety of carpets. With our highly affordable and satisfactory services, you can be completely stress – free about your carpets. Also, we take extra care to ensure that complete satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning Theodore

Carpet Cleaning Theodore

Have dirty carpets that are difficult to clean or stubborn stains that are not going away? Even intensive vacuuming is doing no good? It might be time for a professional carpet cleaning service. Dirty carpets not only make your house look dull, but they can also be a health hazard for you and your family. Carpets usually face a lot of foot traffic. Hence, they collect a lot of dirt and grime overtime. Moreover, they also become a storehouse for bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. This can easily lead to a number of infections and illnesses.

Why is carpet cleaning essential?

If you have been wondering about why professional cleaning is essential? Then you might like to know a bit more about your carpets. We would like to emphasize the face that because of the constant traffic and exposure to dirt, carpets can accumulate a lot of harmful germs and debris. Over time, this can lead to a lot of health problems like certain allergies, skin issues, respiratory problems (because of the dust) and so on. Moreover, when you mop/dust the carpets or even in general, the dust particles and germs can spread into the air.

This debris can obstruct the airflow in your room making the air quality poor and they may even enter your bodies when you breathe, leading to various infections and diseases. So, getting a carpet cleaning not only helps get rid of the dirt, but it also ensures that you live in an allergen-free, healthy environment.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Theodore

Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Theodore

To sum it up, you need to clean your carpets for –

  • Improving the appearance of your house
  • Better air quality and improvement in airflow
  • Allergen free environment
  • Pollution free house – According to a study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, one of the major reasons for indoor pollution is having dirty carpets. Also, bacteria and other germs tend to choose a dirty carpet as their breeding ground than a clean one.
  • Good and improved health
  • Prevention of many common ailments
  • Safe environment for your children and pets
  • Contributes to a stress free lifestyle
  • Longevity – When there is a lot of dirt and grime on the carpet, it eventually gets deep inside the carpet fibers. This can cause the carpet fibers to split and rip apart, which will make your carpet look flat and dull. It will also lose its shine and start looking rough over time.

Ultimately, you will have to invest in a new carpet. And we all know how expensive carpets are. So buying a new carpet every time your carpet gets dirty isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do!

What you can do instead is get a professional carpet cleaning Theodore service.

Fresh Carpet Cleaning will make your carpets look as good as new and regain them to their former luster.

  • It will also help you save a lot of money.
  • And time – You can relax while we clean your carpets and there will be no hassle at all because we will take care of everything – right from moving the furniture to cleaning up the mess afterward.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Theodore

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Theodore

The carpet cleaning process that we follow

With our effective carpet cleaning process, you can never go wrong! Here is what you can expect-

Fixing an appointment

When you decide to hire as your carpet cleaning Theodore Company, the first thing you need to do is to book an appointment with us. For this, you can either click on the online booking option on our website or simply give us a call on 0482079611.

Pre-cleaning inspection

After your appointment is fixed, we will give you a confirmation notification/email and visit your home at the appointed time.

We begin our procedure by inspecting your carpets thoroughly.We check its quality, material, length, texture, color and other dimensions in order to take a note of everything and decide a suitable cleaning method. We will also show you the measures of your carpet’s length to make sure there is no shrinkage after cleaning.

Preparation and dry vacuuming

After walking you through the entire cleaning process, we will begin by moving the furniture from the area that requires cleaning. Then we will vacuum all sides of the carpet to remove all the loose and surface level dirt and debris. Depending on what method you choose and what is suitable for your carpet, we will perform either of the two methods mentioned below.

Dry Vacuuming Cleaning Service Theodore

Dry Vacuuming Cleaning Service Theodore

Carpet hot water extraction Theodore

This is one of the most famous and efficient carpet cleaning methods available out there. In this, we first inject hot water and some non-toxic cleansing agents into the fibers of your carpet. We do it at an extremely high pressure. This thoroughly cleans the deep dirt and grease and makes them loose. Moreover, when we apply a powerful vacuum next, all the dirt, oils and germs come free and the carpet is completely clean. Hence, our carpet hot water extraction Theodore process will make your carpets completely clean in no time.

Carpet dry cleaning Theodore

Also called compound cleaning, this is a very fast and easy way to clean your carpets. The best part is you do not even have to wait for it to get dry. We use high-quality products and ensure thorough cleaning of the carpet fibers under our carpet dry cleaning Theodore process.

Carpet stain removal Theodore

After all the dirt and dust particles have been cleaned, we will check for the stains and do the necessary treatment. We use high-quality biodegradable stain removers which help get rid of stubborn stains in no time. We also do stain treatments prior to hot water extraction if that’s what your carpet needs.

Carpet Stain Removal Service in Theodore

Carpet Stain Removal Service in Theodore

Carpet deodorizing

Next, we add an eco-friendly deodorizer to the carpet to make it smell fresh and to get rid of the foul odors. Then, If you request for it, we will also provide Scotch Gard stain protection service, Theodore. It involves applying non-toxic stain repellents to your carpets.

This will help you clean your carpet easily even when you accidentally spill something just after cleaning.

Post-cleaning inspection

After the cleaning process is complete, we will once again inspect your carpet and make sure that everything is done properly and as per your wishes. Additionally, we will measure the carpet again to let you know that there is no shrinkage.

Once everything is complete and you are happy with the services, we will take your leave.

Post-Cleaning Inspection Service In Theodore

Post-Cleaning Inspection Service In Theodore

Why you should choose our services?

  • We have a 100% customer satisfaction record over past so many years.
  • Our team has experienced and well-trained cleaners.
  • We have a friendly, reliable and cooperative staff to help you out whenever you need.
  • Our customer support service is open 24×7.
  • We provide free online and phone booking services which are again open 24 hours all 7 days of the week.
  • Our prices are affordable and there are no extra charges whatsoever.
  • We use high-quality products and equipment.
  • All of our products are eco-friendly, non- toxic and completely safe.
  • We also provide Scotch Gard stain protection.
  • In some cases, we will do same day cleaning too.

So if you have been in search of a good carpet cleaning service, stop right here.

Give us a call now on 0482079611 and avail our happy and efficient services.

Fresh Carpet Cleaning will help you get a carpet as good as new in no time!

Top Class Service

Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides top class carpet cleaning service at a very affordable price. They are very responsive and answered all our emails. We were surprised when the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning came to our place on the same day. They first inspected the fabric and then gave us a good quote. The team moved the furniture on their own and did a fantastic carpet cleaning job. They are friendly and take great care of carpets. Our carpets are just looking fabulous after the team cleaned it. I am more satisfied with their service. Thanks, team.
- Johnson

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