Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Middle Park. Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners experienced in carpet stain removing, carpet shampooing, carpet deodorising, carpet sanitisation, carpet protection and carpet health guard services. Carpet Odour Removal & Spot Treatment Guaranteed. Call 0482079611 For the same day booking.

  1. Same Day Carpet Steam Cleaning
  2. Odour Removal & Treatment Services
  3. Carpet Mould Treatment
  4. Carpet Deodorising Services
  5. Cat Urine & Smell Removal Services
  6. Guaranteed 100% Results
  7. Free quote over the phone
  8. All suburbs around Middle Park
  9. Top quality Carpet Cleaning Technology
  10. The best rated carpet cleaning company
  11. Carpet Stain Removal
  12. Eastern Suburbs, Inner West & Northern Suburbs

Carpet Cleaning Middle Park

Steam Carpet Cleaning Middle Park

We provide professional carpet steam cleaning services. Our Carpet Steam Cleaners offer guaranteed results. Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Services include FREE carpet deodorising and Sanitising. Our carpet cleaners are certified and available in northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs for your home carpet steam cleaning. There are many reasons to book Fresh Carpet Cleaning Middle Park.

  • We pay special attention to spots
  • Extra Cleaning on heavy traffic areas
  • Pet stains and odour from your carpets
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Old Carpet Restorations
  • Carpet Mould/Stain Removal
  • Specialised in Carpet Steam Cleaning Service
  • Advanced high-technology carpet cleaning equipment
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Spring Carpet Cleaning
  • One-off Carpet Cleaning
  • Regular Carpet Steam Cleaning

Reliable and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company in Middle Park

  • Certified and insured
  • Reliable, honest and affordable
  • On call – we are available 24/7 to answer your concerns and queries.
  • Quick Response Prevents Health & Property Damage
  • Same day serviceable. 24/7 Flood Water Removal & Extraction
  • Floor & Restoration Cleaning in Middle Park
  • Water Damage restoration Middle Park
  • Carpet Flood Restoration
  • Carpet Mould Damage Restoration

Carpet ShampooingCarpet Shampooing

Carpet Steam Cleaners Middle Park Offer Results

Our clients vouch for our quality carpet solutions and impeccable customer care. From basic carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning to carpet water damage restoration, carpet repair, carpet sewage restoration, carpet re-installation to anything else your carpet needs – we do it all. Under one single roof of Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you can find answers to all your carpet problems. Our super economical prices start at $4 square meter for master bed carpet cleaning/ family room carpet cleaning/ lounge room carpet cleaning, or stairs and hallway carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Before and After Carpet Cleaning Before and After

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Middle Park also offers same day and emergency carpet cleaning at a very reasonable price. Get in touch with us to know more!

Why is Professional Carpet Cleaning Important?

If you are wondering about the need or importance of professional carpet cleaning then there are certain things you need to know. Home cleaning methods are insufficient to protect your carpet from the attack of bacteria, mould, and other kinds of contaminants. With regular foot traffic, spills, and general usage your carpet becomes way too dirty than it appears on the surface. Such kind of a dirty carpet becomes home for fungus, dust mites, dirt, pollutants, and allergens. And this can further result in serious health problems including skin allergies, asthma, infections, and much more.

  • Home cleaning methods are insufficient to protect your carpet from the attack of bacteria, mould, and other kinds of contaminants.
  • With regular foot traffic, spills, and general usage your carpet becomes way too dirty than it appears on the surface. Such kind of a dirty carpet becomes home for fungus, dust mites, dirt, pollutants, and allergens.
  • Dirty carpets can further result in serious health problems including skin allergies, asthma, infections, and much more.

So it is important to take help of professional carpet cleaners who have the expertise, rich experience, finest tools, and effective cleaning solutions to clean your carpets from deep within.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Middle Park

We provide professional carpet steam cleaning services. Our Carpet Steam Cleaners offer guaranteed results. Call 0482079611 for the same day booking. Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Services include FREE carpet deodorising and Sanitising. Our carpet cleaners are certified and available in northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs for your home carpet steam cleaning. There are many reasons to book us.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Middle Park Carpet Steam Cleaning Middle Park

  • We pay special attention to spots
  • Extra Cleaning on heavy traffic areas
  • Pet stains and odour from your carpets
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Old Carpet Restorations
  • Carpet Mould/Stain Removal
  • Specialised in Carpet Steam Cleaning Service
  • Advanced high-technology carpet cleaning equipment
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Spring Carpet Cleaning
  • One-off Carpet Cleaning
  • Regular Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Dry Cleaning Middle Park

We have special equipment for carpet dry cleaning at Fresh Carpet Cleaning. These make use of minimal water and consist of Very Low Moisture (VLM) or no-moisture cleaning. This has always proven successful in stain and contaminant removal.

  • Carpet dry cleaning starts with a detailed inspection in which our cleaners inspect the fiber of the carpet and note down the extent of cleaning required.
  • Our cleaners then target the hidden dirt, contaminants and pollutants in the carpet and remove them.
  • Then we wash the carpet and do carpet stain removal with our special eco-friendly solutions.
  • At last, we do vacuuming after the cleaning which aids in drying the carpet so that it can be walked upon sooner.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Middle Park Carpet Dry Cleaning Middle Park

Carpet Steam Cleaning Middle Park

  • We start carpet steam cleaning with a fibre test to know what kind of fabric your carpet is made of. This helps us in choosing the right kind of cleaning solution.
  • We use dry vacuuming to get rid of dry particles in the carpet.
  • Then we work on the loosened up stains with bio-friendly cleaning solution.
  • Then we wash the carpet using hot water extraction. In this process, we infuse steam into the carpet to eliminate all residing contaminants from deep within. Extraction is done afterwards that sucks everything from the carpet leaving a clean carpet behind.
  • After that, we use air movers to dry the carpet that could take from 24 to 72 hours.
  • Only after that, we do carpet deodorization to give a fresh fragrance and look to your carpet.

Carpet Stain Removal Middle Park

We at Fresh Carpet Cleaning offer the best services for making your carpets stains and dirt free. Using the right cleaning solutions and advanced equipment, we can make your carpets cleaned, sanitised and brand new once again. Call us now and get your carpets cleaned to perfection at the most affordable prices. Plus, we also offer same day and emergency carpet cleaning services, without charging extra.

Carpet Stain Removal Carpet Stain Removal

Why Choose Our Fresh Carpet Cleaning Middle Park?

We provide a service which is beyond compare and second to none. So here go some reasons why would you choose us

  • We have 20 years of experience along with licensed and certified cleaners.
  • You don’t need to wait to walk on the carpet after we clean them.
  • We have flexible booking hours. We work as per your availability.
  • We leave no chemical residues in your carpets.
  • We guarantee no shrinkage or stretching during our carpet cleaning.
  • We have a 100% client satisfaction rate.
  • We offer the lowest prices for carpet cleaning services in Middle Park.
  • We do not have any hidden charges or fees.
  • We have a group of certified and trained cleaners on board.
  • Our carpet cleaning deals start at $4 per square meter which also includes Healthguard.
  • We ensure the removal of mould, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Our service will intensify the durability and life of your carpets.
  • We offer same day carpet cleaning service anywhere in Middle Park.
  • Any sort of smell including the smell of dog urine will be removed with our cleaning.
  • We also offer emergency carpet flood damage restoration service.
  • Our customer care service operates 24/7 even on weekends and public holidays.
  • We use only 100% eco-friendly products.

Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s carpet cleaning process leads to a cleaner and healthier carpet which is safe for your loved ones. Pick up your phone, dial 0482079611 and let the experts handle the job!

Chemical Free Anti Allergen Steam Carpet Cleaning Middle Park

We will bring a breath of fresh air to all the residents of Middle Park. With our complete range of residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, now you don’t have to worry about your precious carpets anymore. Our cost-effective carpet cleaning solutions are light on your pocket and bring the best out of your old carpets. With the best of cleaners onboard and 20 years of industry experience, we are one of the most reliable carpet cleaners in Middle Park.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Carpet Shampooing & Other Carpet Cleaning Services Middle Park

  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Carpet Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Carpet Conditioning & Stain Treatment
  • Fast Carpet Drying
  • After Party Carpet Cleaning
  • Food Stain Removal
  • General House Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Carpet repair
  • Carpet flood damage restoration
  • End of lease carpet cleaning

Middle Park’s Local Carpet Cleaner

Our team of carpet cleaners resides in Middle Park only so even on a busy day we can reach you within 2 hours of your phone call. Moreover, we are well acquainted with the atmosphere of Middle Park and know how to handle carpets in this kind of weather condition.

Benefits of Hiring Fresh Carpet Cleaners

  1. Quick Carpet Dry within 1 hour. You may Walk-on dry carpets straight after the cleaning.
  2. We use Hot Water Extraction Method for carpet cleaning, will ensure that your carpet gets a deep cleaning.
  3. We use a 5 step cleaning method for the carpet.
  4. Our carpet cleaners are available 24 hours and 7 days anywhere in Middle Park.
  5. We work over the weekends and public holidays.
  6. Our carpet cleaning ensures that carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch.
  7. Our Healthguard carpet cleaning techniques make sure that we remove harmful germs, bacteria and mould from your carpet.
  8. We use eco-friendly chemicals safe for your family and pets
  9. We use deodorizer while cleaning, you will not get any smell after carpet cleaning –fresh fragrance
  10. We offer 100% carpet cleaning guarantee to all Middle Park residents
  11. Fresh Carpet Cleaning 100% Australian owned company. Carpet Cleaning Service Carpet Cleaning Service

Star Carpet Restoration Services

Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides 5 star carpet restoration services and I can vouch for the same out of my own experience. My ten year old carpet has been restored by these professional cleaners in an awesome way. I have already recommended your name to my friends and family who used to be concerned about their expensive carpets.
- James Danos

Carpet Repair

Our carpets required a little repair but no carpet cleaner was willing to come home for such a small job. After a lot of rejection I came across Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne that not just came over to do that small job but also suggested me how I can keep good care of my valuable carpets. They are true lovers of carpets and respect their customers. Thanks.
- Perrie Brockett

The group of knowledgeable specialists

The specialists of Fresh Carpet Cleaning additionally guarantee that the cleaning was done according to their customer preference and also follows the industry practices. I think they certainly are the best service providers in town. If ever I may face the same problem than now, I have a name to trust or rely upon.
- Steve Irwin

World Class Services

I purchased few carpets for my home. In any case, the most important thing was to maintain their look . I reached this carpet repairing organization and they presented me with the new procedure of keeping the carpets like new.
- Shaun Maddie

Awesome Carpet Fire & Smoke Restoration

One day fire broke out in our apartment and for the safety reasons I called Fresh Carpet fire and smoke restoration Melbourne services. They are good at their work. They have a team of skilled professionals to manage the carpet restoration damages caused by the discoloration of all porous materials. They worked hard to make the properly wiped to have the discoloration eliminated. I am quite satisfied with their work. Thanks you fresh carpet cleaning for your great help.
- Annabelle

”Very Happy”

I am very happy with the Fresh Carpet Cleaning and their service. They are very responsive and quick. I am glad that my carpets are been repaired by the finest company of Adelaide. The team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning are highly professional and the work was very good. Fresh Carpet Cleaning have well trained their team to repair all types of carpet. They are equipped with a variety of tools to be available to all our carpet repair requirements. The price was also reasonable. I had an excellent experience with them and I highly recommend Fresh Carpet Cleaning to everyone.
- Dylan Amy

Wonderful Fresh Carpet Drying Service

I had a good experience with fresh carpet structure drying Melbourne. They did a great job. I saw them using appropriate drying equipment to eliminate the existence of moisture from the affected rooms. Thus they create the most perfect environment using the automated air movers and made the Carpet dry. I am quite happy with their services. They give a new life to my old carpet. Thank you fresh carpet Melbourne.
- Scarlett

Good Work Done

Without any hesitation, I recommend this company to everyone in the town. Trust me, this is the best company for carpet cleaning. Before hiring them I have used many other carpet cleaning services in Canberra but never got such an amazing service ever. They treat their clients really well and provide superior customer service. Not only this the cleaners of Fresh Carpet Cleaning who arrived at my place for carpet steam cleaning job also did good work. They make use of a safe solution in their carpet cleaning procedure and sanitize the carpet after cleaning it. I really liked the carpet cleaning procedure. Thank you. Your work is commendable.
- Smith

Team providing awesome consumer loyalty

My basement was flooded with water due to the pipe leakage at the basement. By then the experts of Fresh Carpet Cleaning comes for the rescue, I came to considered them through one of my friends in need. Moreover, they truly did miracles for me. I am so peppy and calmed now.
- Russell Crowe

Amazing Water Damage Restoration

Some days back my four years son open tap which caused a devastating situation next morning. All the carpet and floor flooded with water. We called up Fresh Water Damage Restoration Melbourne services to help us out from the mess. They reached our place without much delay. Their service was good. They cleaned each and everything and bring the situation back to normal. I really liked their hard work Thank you fresh carpet Damage Restoration Guys for your best help.
- Alexis

Affordable carpet sanitizing services

Thank god! Finally I got the best Carpet Cleaning services after a great struggle. Fresh Carpet Cleaning is providing the best carpet sanitizing services to almost all the suburb in Melbourne. I do not feel them very expensive too. Their best cost effective services suited for all my carpet Cleaning requirement. I got the value for my money. Thank you Fresh Carpet team for your good work. Keep up doing the good job buddies.
- Eva

Professional Carpet Repair Service

My wife left electric iron on the carpet. Part of the carpet was damaged and we called in emergency for the carpet repairs service. Fresh Carpet Repairs guys patch up the burnt carpet. He fix up the carpet very professional look like part of the carpet. Happy to recommend them.
- Glen

Best flood damage carpet restoration

I find fresh carpet cleaning is the quickest, safest, affordable and reliable flood damage carpet restoration services Melbourne. Fresh Carpet Cleaning are the licensed & certified cleaners. I liked their work. They are the complete solution for the flood damage carpet restoration. Their team is very smart and dynamic in doing the work. Thank you fresh carpet guys. Keep up doing good work. I would like to recommend you to all.
- Charlotte

Effective services

I couldn't find a service provider better than this. Their services are just out of the world. They fulfilled my expectation level. My carpets now have a completely new look.
- Jesse Spencer

Top Class Service

Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides top class carpet cleaning service at a very affordable price. They are very responsive and answered all our emails. We were surprised when the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning came to our place on the same day. They first inspected the fabric and then gave us a good quote. The team moved the furniture on their own and did a fantastic carpet cleaning job. They are friendly and take great care of carpets. Our carpets are just looking fabulous after the team cleaned it. I am more satisfied with their service. Thanks, team.
- Johnson

"Highly Experienced Cleaners”

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fresh Carpet Cleaning to anyone. I have used their carpet cleaning services twice and I am more than satisfied. Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers quality carpet cleaning service at a nominal price. Moreover, they have highly experienced and well-trained cleaners in-house. Their work is amazing. I have used other carpet cleaning services in Melbourne but I found Fresh Carpet Cleaning as the best among them. They can turn old carpet into a new one. Thanks Fresh Carpet Cleaning for your great help. You guys are working really well. Keep up the good work.
- Geyer

”Friendly Service”

We got our carpets restored beautifully with utmost perfection by the Fresh Carpet Cleaning Team a day before yesterday. It has been done splendidly and I am quite impressed with the friendly nature of the people who came to my house. They got very high tech heavy duty flood water extraction equipment and fast drying machines. I appreciate the dedication and efficiency they have exhibited to clean my carpet. They come with a smile and accomplished a great job. Thank you so much Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Keep up the good work.
- Liam Georgia

Expert Stain Removal

I have two pets at home and they don’t know how valuable my living room carpet is. Added to that, my kids even spoil the carpet so badly that no home-made cleaning solution works on them. This time, it even demanded repair so I called by Fresh Cleaners (found them online) for a professional carpet clean. They used strong cleaning agents for carpet stain removal and even repaired the carpet. I am happy to have found them. Thank you.
- Chloe

World best carpet cleaning Melbourne

While looking for a desirable carpet cleaning services Melbourne, I came across the most deserving fresh carpet cleaning service providers. I was searching for a cost effective Services providers as i have a bulk order for all my office carpet to be cleaned. Fresh Carpet Cleaning suggested me the best quote for my work. I liked their work. I would love to recommend them to everybody. Thank you fresh carpet cleaning for your best help.
- Evelyn

Go for the Fresh steam cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services made me amazed with their great services. I liked them very much. They have great technology and skill to work on all type of stains. There steam cleaning services turned my carpet to a new one. Now you cannot find any stain over the carpet. The carpet is now smooth and floppy. Thank you, fresh carpet cleaning for your best services. I would like to recommend you to all my friends. Keep up the good job. Thank you for your great work.
- Ella

brilliant results

I had my carpets cleaned professionally for the first time and was amazed with the results. The guy was friendly and took his time on the stains and he got them all out some had been there forever and i didnt think they would come. Would use fresh carpet cleaning again for sure.
- monique rite

"Superb Job"

We are writing this short note of appreciation to the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning who did a superb carpet cleaning job at my place. We called them and asked them for same day carpet cleaning and the team agreed to come on the same day. They arrived on time and did the cleaning job in a flawless manner. The best thing about them is they use no chemicals in their carpet cleaning procedure. We are very happy with their service. The cleaners of Fresh Carpet Cleaning are very professional, quick and friendly. They cleaned our carpet excellently. The result is amazing. Thank you so much Fresh Carpet Cleaning for your splendid service. We are very pleased with your service and would love to recommend you to all our friends and family.
- jinat

My office carpets are spotless now!

My employees had started complaining about the stained and smelling carpets but I was not ready to spend a huge amount on carpet cleaning. On a friend’s suggestion, I called up Fresh Cleaners and they offered a justified quote. I am so thankful to them for giving a whole new look to my office. The carpets have been cleaned spotlessly. Awesome work!
- Mitchell

Carpet Steam Cleaning

I was adamant to have carpet steam cleaning for my precious and favorite carpet that I use in my bedroom. But the charges quoted by other companies were too high to afford. Then I came across Fresh Carpet Cleaning and was surprised to know their price. I would definitely recommend their carpet cleaning services as they did a marvelous job at such a cheap price.
- Lucas

”Efficient Carpet Repairing Service”

It is a pain when you see your favourite carpet is damaged but thanks to professional companies like Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides finest carpet repair service at a very affordable price. My favourite carpet was efficiently repaired by the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning. I was happy with the result. Moreover, the team showed up on the very same day of booking. I found them as the best help. I would like to suggest this company to anyone who is looking for the best and efficient carpet repair service in Brisbane. Trust me, you will definitely like them.
- Jake Sophie

Economical Carpet Cleaning

The first time I chose Fresh Cleaners for my office carpets was because of the economical pricing their offered. But I was so enthralled by their first-class service that I have not cared to look for another carpet cleaner ever. They are quick, cheap, expert, and professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne.
- Mia

Great and proficient experience

We had water harm to our floor in the main room and the lobby. Fresh Carpet Cleaning specialists were productive. They have a polite and friendly team of professionals who are so efficient in their work that will not give a single complaint. They are genuinely the friends in need for us.
- Heath Ledger

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are just damn too good at carpet cleaning. They helped me get my bond back with a pristine look of the home and an amazing carpet cleaning service. My landlord was highly impressed! Thanks! Lucas
- Lucas

My Carpet Got Restored!

I was planning to replace my old carpet and buy a new one when a colleague suggested opting for carpet restoration services. I found Fresh Carpet Cleaning and after reading reviews of their customers, I decided to use their services. I am so happy that I found them because they restored my carpet in such a great way that I didn’t have to buy a new one. My old carpet looks so much better and good that I have been saved from spending on a new carpet.
- Anna

Immaculate Rug Cleaning

My new rug recently got stained and I tried hard to get rid of it. Then my husband decided to take help and called the Fresh Carpet Cleaners. They provided same day service and in front of our eyes, those professional cleaners removed the stain in such a smooth way that it seemed like a magic. I owe a big thank you to Fresh Cleaners! They saved my carpet.
- Maria

Ultimate solution for wet carpets Drying

I am operating my restaurant business. Due to some or other reasons often we had our carpets wet. It is quite difficult to manage with the wet carpets. It turned heavy when the carpet got wet. Apart from that there is a greater risk of high prevalence of germs, molds and pests. So all this require is a professional care to manage the mess. I find Fresh Wet Carpet cleaning and Drying Melbourne services is best for my requirement.
- Ellie

I love the flood carpet restoration

Fresh Flood restoration carpet cleaning Melbourne amazed me with their great services. They have a dedicated team to manage the dreadful situation of flooding. They helped me in getting your situation back to normal. I liked their services very much. They provide emergency services without much delay. Thank you fresh carpet cleaning for your timely help. I would surely like to recommend you to everyone. They are not so expensive also.
- Ava

Water Damaged Carpet Restoration

One day our son by mistake left the tap open before leaving the house and when we returned home after six hours , our carpets were totally damage with water. We called up friends for help and one of my friends suggested Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne' name. We are really thankful to their flawless services that our expensive carpets were restored beautifully.
- John

Wonderful Services for Flood Damaged Carpet

I was seeking Carpet flood water extraction service and I got to know Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is best at it. I call them for the help and they proved why are called the best.
- Thomas

Get your carpet stain eliminated

Fresh Carpet Stain Protection Services Melbourne are simply awesome in removing all types of stains like red wine, soft drinks, pets urine and the like. You really need the service for making any penetration deep into your carpet fibres. Fresh Carpet Cleaning takes care of your carpet. I got amazed with their work as if they did some magic with my old carpet. Thank you Fresh Carpet Stain Protection Melbourne for all your help.
- Amelia

No upselling

I have tried several carpet cleaning companies and there is always some kind of upsell that I come across. This forces me to change to a different company everytime. But this time when I called Fresh Carpet Cleaning I felt something different. They only talk about your requirement. I hired them and will never move to a different company now.
- Rebel Wilson

On-time services

The one thing I liked about their services is that they are too punctual and dedicated towards their work. I told them to reach my place by noon and they were not even a minute late. Also, their services are good in quality and affordable in price.
- Amelia

Eased My Work

I opened a sweet shop where the sloppy booted clients slandered and torn out the carpets. I chose to look for expert assistance, and my better half proposed Fresh Carpet Cleaning. I was enchanted by their predominant hard working attitude and carpet cleaning execution.
- Harrison Rachel

No more mess carpets

After the evening party I found red wine stain on my much-loved carpet. The issue spoiled all my mood. That was my favorite carpet. To get rid of the issue I called up and asked many carpet cleaning company. All of a sudden I heard about fresh carpet cleaning services from one of my friends and decided to try it out. Thank you, fresh carpet cleaning for your best carpet cleaning solution Melbourne. You really pleased me.
- Ruby

Great Rates

I got all of my carpets cleaned from Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne at great rates. And the amazing quality workmanship was just splendid. Thanks to the whole team.
- Florence

”Great Service At Reasonable Price”

Excellent customer service offered by the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning. I was amazed to get their carpet cleaning quote. So just to check what kind of service I can get at that price, I thought to try them. And they proved me wrong. A low price does not mean a low-quality service. They did a great job with my carpet cleaning. They offer the lowest priced but amazing carpet cleaning services.
- John

Above Expectations

Fresh Carpet Cleaning was above our expectations. We are completely satisfied with the service of this company. We used their carpet cleaning services a few days back and our carpets have got a new life. We even liked their customer care team who answered all our questions and helped in booking the best service for our carpet cleaning requirement. Now we do not have to worry about bad looking stains and odor. Thank you Fresh Carpet Cleaning for your wonderful service.
- Liam Georgia

Best solution for flood damage carpet

Do not panic if you stuck with the annoying issue of Flood-damaged carpets. Call Fresh flood damage carpet restoration Melbourne Cleaning services for your best help. I find them reliable and safest solution for my carpet restoration requirement. They have a team of young dynamic guys, who work with all the enthusiasm to handle the flood damage situation. I really liked their work. I would like to recommend them to all.
- Abigail

Remove easily stain from the carpet

One day my son dropped a glass of fresh lime juice on my favorite carpet. I was very much disappointed. Immediately I called this carpet cleaning company and they came and removed the stain very easily. I was really stunned by their service.
- Lsa

Notable Work

I reached many carpet repairing organizations however the vast majority of them requested a high cost for their work. When I reached this organization they charged an extremely low value that can be effectively managed by numerous individuals.
- Tim Anna


I availed their services a week ago and referred it to my friends renovating their house. The feedback and response I got from them is literally overwhelming. Thank you for such service.
- Charlie Gemma

Awesome Service, Made them My Favorite

Last month we booked the carpet hole repair service of Fresh Carpet Cleaning. which was cheap enough to be considered for day to day uses. The Fresh Carpet Cleaning team has all the skill and technical knowledge to handle the carpet repair job perfectly. I feel blessed.
- Eva Mendes

Reliable and Efficient Carpet Repairing Team

Besides cleaning carpet needed repairing from certain places. when we get to know about Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we were a bit apprehensive. Fresh Carpet Cleaning experts were highly professionals and result oriented. They are certainly the best carpet cleaning and repairing service providers whom I can call for my Carpet Repair Needs in Melbourne.
- Phoebe

I like the Carpet Flood Water cleanup

Fresh Carpet Cleaning is best for Carpet Flood Water cleanup Melbourne. Their team have the skill to remove the pathogens through applying antimicrobial spray and make the carpet free from the water damage. Those affected carpet are the main reason for all the harm to your property. So in order to avoid the health and hygiene issue they first extract all the excess water from the building through their truck mounted equipment and then decide what to do with the wet carpet. I liked their work.
- Lily

One of the best service

One of the best service in the town. I cleaned my carpet after 4 years and I wasn't expecting the results Fresh Carpet Cleaning gave. Carpet looks very clean smells good. thank you, team. 100% recommended them.
- Frankie Cook

Chemical Free Solution

I would definitely recommend Fresh Carpet Cleaning to anyone who is in search of a carpet cleaning company who uses an Eco-Friendly solution in their cleaning procedure. I am very scared of hiring such companies who use chemicals in their procedure as I think the poison can affect my kids and pets too. So I was searching for a company who does chemical free carpet cleaning and then I came across Fresh Carpet Cleaning. These guys are really amazing and used only biodegradable solution which is very safe to my family and also cleaned the carpet thoroughly. Thank you so much Fresh Carpet Cleaning. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.
- Sid

Truly Praiseworthy Restoration Service

After the calamity floods that occurred, I immediately called Fresh Carpet Cleaning experts. I have utilized them previously and adored how proficient they were. They touched base at my home quickly and started removing the water from my cellar in no time and makes us to get back to normal easily.
- Mel Gibson

Biodegradable Solution

Never trust a company who use chemicals in their carpet cleaning procedure. I had a bad experience and I was looking for a company who uses a biodegradable carpet cleaning solution and then finally I got this company. I called them and the team managed to convince me that they use only Eco-friendly solution and I hired them. They came to my place on the same day and used a safe and chemical free solution. I felt very happy. They cleaned my carpet thoroughly and now my carpet looks amazing. Thank you so much guys, for providing a safe carpet cleaning service.
- Claire Turner

Very Cost-effective

No doubt Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides a very cost-effective carpet cleaning service to their clients in Perth. Their years of experience is reflected in the way they handle the carpet cleaning job. I am their clients from 5 years and without a second thought, I would like to recommend them to each one of you. They are specialists in carpet cleaning and provides a timely service. They have courteous and efficient staff. All in all, you can definitely trust this company if you are searching for the best carpet cleaning company.
- Lexi J

Ace of cleaning

The carpet cleaning service provided by Fresh Carpet Cleaning is absolutely terrific. They have fully equipped and professional servicemen and have modern equipments which can solve your problem of stained carpets with ease.
- Clari

Champion Services

I must say the services provided by them are of best quality. They repaired my carpet as if it is brand new. I would avail their services again and again.
- Jason Bianca

Best Cleaners in Melbourne!

Fresh Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning our house for many years now. We choose them because they are honest, secure, reliable, and considerate. They have a high standard of cleanliness and we wish them good luck for the coming years as well. For us they are the most trustworthy guys whom we can allow to come to our home and clean it.
- Bianca

Great rebuilding proficient group

I called up Fresh Carpet Cleaning and within a few hours a representative from the company came to meet me and he inspected my place and gave me an estimated price which suits my interest. And thus, the following day the team of experts came and completed their job in no time.
- Julian Assange

Get your carpet clean professionally

Luckily, I found Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne can make your home carpet looking like a new one again. I am very happy with their work. They are cost effective too. They apply the best way of cleaning tactics. I would love to recommend them to you all. Their skilled team of professionals have all the technical knowledge about the use of doses of chemical. So do not think more, book the service right now for all your carpet cleaning requirement.
- Isla

Exceptional Service

Thank you so much, Fresh Carpet Cleaning for providing exceptional carpet cleaning service. I have used their service twice and both the times they gave 100% satisfaction. They have a very talented team of cleaners who are very passionate which is clearly reflected in their work. They don’t compromise on the quality of service. I really appreciate the efforts they have out to clean my office carpets. As per me, this is the best company who provides excellent commercial carpet cleaning service at affordable prices. They are well equipped with appropriate equipment and skilful team. I would always suggest using Fresh Carpet Cleaning services.
- Wie

Remote area support

I am living in a remote village in which I planned to install a carpet mat to my home. I was extremely wondered that Fresh Carpet Cleaning service providers give us full support for installation as well us lifelong service even in remote areas also and felt thankful to them.
- Joel Abbie

Best ever same day servie

OMG so professional and same day service could not believe the results my carpets were worse than I thought but these guys removed all the marks carpets look brand new. Would highly recommend fresh carpet cleaners anyday
- Peter

Best Wet carpet drying Services

One day we got an issue of toilet flooding at our place. It was a awful situation. all the dirty water came to the floor and the carpets get soaked with heavy contamination. I called Fresh Wet carpet drying Melbourne team to help us from the mess. Their technicians manage the work very well. They look into the matter analyse the situation and take a stand to remove the wet carpet from there. Then they cleaned it away from place. Thank you fresh carpet cleaning for all your hard work.
- Olivia

Great job by a great team

I called the and was told the technician will arrive in an hour. They called me and told me they got stuck in traffic and is running late, as much as I didn’t like it, I understood and in the end, they were only 45 minutes late. The team fixed the problem and managed to rebuild my wall perfectly.
- Wily

Impeccable Carpet Cleaning

I have a confession that I was very suspicious of letting strangers to clean up my carpets but it was totally worth it! Now, I have become a regular customer of Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne!
- Sebastian

Hiring fresh carpet cleaners

Fresh carpet cleaning staff members are awesome. Their prices are very sensible compared to many other Companies, with greater customer service. They treat you like you are more than just a customer—they treat you like relatives. If you are looking for a company you can belief that does a wonderful work, choose them!
- Vadim Tavvi

Everyone can affort it

There are many companies that provide different rates for carpet cleaning. This is because the process they adopt is quite different from the other. But this Fresh Carpet Cleaning company has made the process of carpet cleaning in one package. The rate of the package is very nominal so that everyone can afford it.
- Lexi Johnson

Persian Carpet Rejuvenated

A Persian carpet that I got as my wedding gift from my aunt was stained and in bad shape. I was worried and didn’t know what to do with it. A friend suggested trying Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne and I did. The outcome is so fantastic that I am planning to get all my carpets cleaned by them. Thanks! – Lopez
- Lopez

Wonderful Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning definitely is one of the best in Melbourne. They offered the instant help and the team was highly efficient. Our carpet looks brand new.
- Amelia

Reasonable price rates

In any case, they changed my recognition about top notch administrations. Their rates are too negligible that I would now be able to stand to get my floor coverings repaired whenever I need.
- Oze

Completely stunned

I'd quite recently prefer to state thank you for the magnificent service that I got from the team Fresh Carpet Cleaning during a sewer backup. Our insurance company too worked in connection with the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning throughout the procedure for couple of days. Thus they have simply done an incredible job.
- Chris Hemsworth

Get your wine stain removed

I get irritated seeing dog's urine stain and red wine stain on my favourite carpet since last Christmas party. Have tried out many things but landed with no result. After a wash the smell went off however the stain remained unaltered. One of my friend suggested me fresh carpet Melbourne. I got amazed with their stain removal services. Thank you fresh carpet cleaning for your kind help. You guys turned my old carpet into a new one.
- Jasmine

Spotless Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers spotless carpet cleaning services no matter how ruined your carpet is. I am saying out of personal experience. I have used their service thrice till date and have been extremely pleased with their cleaning methods. They give a brand new look to the otherwise ruined carpets. Keep it up guys!
- Cooper

Number 1 Carpet Steam Cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning services cater all the suburbs in Melbourne. They are the best service provider in the industry. I got cleaned all my carpets for my office and home from them. I am quite happy with their services. I must say they are the number one in the industry. They are cost effective. Fresh Carpet Cleaning services have all the skill to deal with your Carpet and give them a fresh new look. The best thing is that now you can book them with a simple phone call. Is not it great!
- Rezuwan

”Best Company”

I am really grateful that I found Fresh Carpet Cleaning. This is the best carpet repair company I have ever come across. It was one of my friend who suggested me this Fresh Carpet Cleaning and I am thankful to him. When I booked them I asked them for the weekend service and they agreed on it. The team came on the weekend and was on time. They did a wonderful carpet repair job. The team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning is very courteous and considerate. I am more than satisfied with their quality service and unmatched prices. My carpet looks amazing now. I would highly recommend using them and trust me you won't be disappointed. I decided to use your services in future too if needed.
- Tom Hannah

Industry Pioneers

I would like to say that few days ago my house was in mess as due to water breakage at my place. But now thanks to the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning I am relieved and satisfied! The experts of Fresh Carpet Cleaning safeguarded us from a crisis flooding circumstance in our home.
- Paul Hogan

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Really happy with carpet steam cleaning. We call them in emergency. Their carpet cleaner arrived within 20 mins. I assume he might live close to Melbourne CBD. Carpet Cleaner done amazing job. Very professional and no additional charges for cleaning hall way. We would like them to highly recommend them.
- Pete

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Really love these guys! Any possibility I have to support a family owned/smaller name business I take it. Tried to call one of the big companies and prices were disgraceful. Just desirable a small Carpet cleaned and they tried to hit me with all these unseen cost as well as a $100 fee itself just for them to bring their machine out not to mention the high minimum and cost of services itself. Called Fresh carpet cleaning, got amazing customer service and a great price with no hidden cost. They had a cancellation that morning so they were at my home within 30 minutes and the staff members was so nice and did a huge job. Thanks guys, will definitely call you in the future!
- Jabir

Highly Rated

The high number of clients at my shop made my carpet damaged and I thought it was unrecoverable. I was suggested Fresh Carpet Cleaning, and their sharp tender loving care alongside master carpet repairing administration wonderfully astonished me.
- Marcus Kayla

One of the best services

One of the best services for carpet cleaning. Cleaned my carpet efficiently and did a very good job at affordable prices. Will definitely be recommending to my family members. They were transparent and explained terms and conditions. I would use them again and highly recommend their service.
- Alex Chloe

Superb carpet cleaning experience

Carpet cleaning by Fresh Carpet Cleaning is the best as it has amazing team who can clean carpet with ease. There is no match of the professionals of Fresh Carpet Cleaning as they not only clean the carpet but also make it smoother from the steam carpet cleaning method.
- Nick Molly

Quick and simple service reach

With the help of Fresh Carpet Cleaning My family and I had the option to come back to our normal live after the flood crises which we faced last year due to the clogged pipes at our place. All the restoration goes smoothly with the experts of Fresh Carpet Cleaning Much thanks to you guys.
- Liam Hemsworth

Fresh Carpet Cleaners Always!

For my family and friends, Fresh Carpet Cleaners are always the first choice for carpet cleaning. We have been using their carpet cleaning services for more than 2 years now and we have always been satisfied. They have the latest technology and their cleaners are more than helpful to their customers. We would recommend their carpet cleaning services to all.
- Jayden

”Prompt And Quick Service”

Trust me, Fresh Carpet Cleaning delivers the finest carpet repair service in Sydney. I called Fresh Carpet Cleaning to repair my two carpets and the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning came to my place and repaired my carpets with perfection. The result was amazing. They are very passionate and it is clearly reflected in their work. I am really impressed by the team of Fresh Carpet Cleaning as they agreed to provide service on short notice. The service was prompt and quick. If you hire Fresh Carpet Cleaning you will definitely experience the best. They are cost-effective too. Thank you, team, for your timely service. You guys are working really well. Keep it up!
- Hugh Jackman

”Expert Team”

I realized how it feels to get experts to restore your precious carpet. They worked excellently. The team of professionals is very dedicated and used the best solution. I received a top-notch result and even the water stains are gone. The carpet looks beautiful and fresh now. They are very cost-effective. The best thing is they value the time of their clients and finish the work in set deadline. I appreciate the efforts put by the whole team and would definitely recommend their services to others. If your carpet got damaged or by any other reason. Do not wait, call the Fresh Carpet Cleaning and save your carpet from reinstalling the new ones
- Alex Chloe

Superb Carpet Repair & re-install

Fresh Carpet Repair re-install Melbourne is the best solution for your bumpy and ripped carpet. Last month my favorite carpet get damaged by cigar burns. I got sad with the spoiled appearance of my living room. But Fresh Carpet Melbourne amazed me with their wonderful repair service. They have a nice team of skilled professional having expert knowledge to manage the work. They are not very expensive either. Thank you Fresh Carpet Cleaning for your best help.
- Zara

Friendly experience

I just used the Fresh Cleaning Services again and once again, a great experience. My carpet is fresh and clean, the service was friendly, and the whole experience was so easy. I will definitely use it again!
- Willow Nguyen

Cost compelling restoration service

For a long time I had a leakage issue in my home. I've had numerous organizations investigate the issue however none of them able to focus on the source of leakage. Whereas then I called the Fresh Carpet Cleaning experts for water restoration. And they have actually done wonders for me and my home.
- Eric Bana

Fantastic Lease Carpet Cleaning Service

We stay in rent. Our occupancy was about to end and as per the agreement and we need to do a lease carpet cleaning for the property. I find Fresh end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne is the best service provider. You can call them for sanitization. They are not very expensive. I liked their work. Thank you fresh carpet cleaning for your great help. Keep up doing the good work guys.
- Sienna

Superb carpet cleaning services Canberra

I must say you thank you fresh carpet cleaning guys. I really like their work friends and would love to recommend them to you all. They are cost effective. I feel fresh carpet cleaning Canberra are the masters in making your carpet stain free. They removed all the old stubborn stain from the carpet. Believe me, they turned my old smelly carpet to a new one. I find them fit for my requirement.
- Aria

Premium Quality Work

I got their reference from one of my friend and decided to try their carpet repairing services. Now, I would refer their services to my friends. And I am sure that their response would be same.
- Caleb Ashley

Carpet Stain Cleaning

I would highly recommend Fresh Carpet Cleaning, my house was brand new when we moved in we have been here for a year now and my carpets where very dirty, they now look brand new ! I also was treated very kindly and service was excellent highly recommend to everyone! Thank you”
- William

Great Sewage Restoration Services

I want to share a dreadful situation of my life. Last night we got water damages due to the breakdown of sewage pipes and tanks. Next day morning we noticed the devastating effects of the mess. We called Fresh Carpet sewage restoration Melbourne services without waiting for anything. They really did a good job and helped us out. They are not very costly also. You won't get a service like that in such a reasonable cost.
- Madison

Amazing Carpet Cleaning Solutions

The one thing I love about Fresh Carpet Cleaning is that they provide complete carpet cleaning solutions. Stain removal, odor removal, sanitizing, deodorizing, repairing, and cleaning – everything is well taken care of their trained staff. I call them once in a year to ensure my carpets stay amazingly clean and have a long life.
- Noah

Satisfactory Service

I chose this company because reviews on their page were really good and I am very happy with their carpet dry cleaning job. I received a satisfactory result. The cleaners of Fresh Carpet Cleaning were running late so they called me and informed me and I really appreciate that. They are very honest and friendly too. When they arrived at my place they didn't waste a single minute and started cleaning my carpet. Soon my carpet was thoroughly cleaned and no more stains were found. I am very grateful to Fresh Carpet Cleaning.
- Williams

Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers guaranteed carpet cleaning at the most affordable prices in Melbourne. I have tried other carpet cleaners as well but have never been so pleased ever. Now it has been 5 years since I have been using your carpet steam cleaning and carpet repair services. Thanks to you guys my carpets always look bright and clean.
- Ian Nicholls

Above par services

I wasn't acquainted with their services they provided earlier but the reference from my friend seemed to be a blessing for me. Thanks to them, they just forwarded a helping hand towards me and the services provided are just exceptional.
- Delta Goodrem

"Easy Removal of Stains on Carpets With Fresh Carpet Cleaning Company

A few days ago y son dropped a watercolor box on the carpet. After that, he dropped a glass of juice again. It was totally messed with such items. Even after severe effort the stains were not removed. I called this Fresh Carpet Cleaning Company and they removed all the stains very easily.
- amy jt

Great pricing

“I choose Fresh Carpet Cleaning who came up with superb pricing. I feel they have done quality work on my carpet. Thanks to Fresh Carpet for the wonderful service.”
- Henry Brown

Outstanding Work

I could not have been any happier than this! Thank you Fresh Carpet Cleaning for your best service. My favourite carpet was damaged by my pet and I didn’t know what to do when one of my friends suggested me to try out the carpet repair service of Fresh Carpet Cleaning. I am glad I did the team of professional did an outstanding job and my carpet got restored. It was simple and quick, and I have literally nothing to complain about. I can tell right away that the team was passionate about giving their best sort. They are hard working and professional carpet service providers. Book the services of Fresh Carpet Cleaning and get the finest carpet repair service.
- Brax

”Affordable Service”

I always choose Fresh Carpet Cleaning because they offer the best price for the carpet repair work. I am their regular client and always get the most affordable carpet repair services. They deliver a wide range of carpet repair services in almost all the suburbs of Perth. Fresh Carpet Cleaning have repaired all my office and home carpets. I have compared the carpet repair price of Fresh Carpet Cleaning with other companies and I found that their prices are unbeatable. The staff of Fresh Carpet Cleaning are insured and certified. They ensure 100% satisfaction. I would recommend Fresh Carpet Cleaning to anyone who is looking for affordable and quality carpet repair services.
- Simon Baker

Location: Middle Park, VIC Australia


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