Polishing nails is a fun and one of the most admired activities by the girls. Nail Paint does a promising job of enhancing the looks of hands. But a nail paint can create disasters when it spills over surfaces and the situation may worsen in case of carpets. The stains left by the nail polish can look horrible and give an adequate amount of tension. But the good news is, these can be removed. Removing nail polish from the carpet is a complicated task and require immediate actions. Below are the steps that can help in getting rid of such stubborn stains.

Remove Nail Polish from the Carpet Melbourne

Remove Nail Polish from the Carpet Melbourne

Things You will Need in Removing Nail Polish from the Carpet

  • Colorless nail polish remover (non-acetone remover)
  • Clean cloth (or a terry towel)
  • Diluted dish-washing detergent (1 teaspoon)
  • A sponge
  • Paper towel

Follow These Steps to remove Nail Polish from the carpet

  1. Scoop up the nail polish –

    Don’t let the polish dry and use a spoon to scoop it up from the carpet as much as possible. Watch it, don’t spread the stain. Clean the spoon once you get the polish off, before repeating the step. Wiping the polish off the spoon will prevent spreading and spoiling it further.

  2. Soak the stain using a cloth –

    After scrapping the polish, use a cloth or old towel to absorb the stain. Dab the polish with the cloth and don’t rub it, as it will spread the stain further. Continue to dab until the color stops coming off. Use a new side of cloth every time while bolting.

  3. Soak the stain using a cloth & then remove nail polish from the carpet

    Soak the stain using a cloth & then remove nail polish from the carpet

  4. Dab the carpet with non-acetone nail polish remover –

    Pour the non-acetone nail polish remover on a towel, wrap it around your finger and start bolting the stain. Continue to dab with the different sections of the clothes drenched in remover until the color vanishes. Work on the stain with different angles, so that, there is no spot left. You have to separate the fibers in order to clean the carpet from the bottom. You have to be patient as this is a long and time-consuming process. ( use a colorless remover, as the colored ones can leave the stain).

  5. Sponge the stain –

    Take a sponge drenched in diluted dish-washing detergent and dab it over the stain again. Sponging the stain is necessary as it will help in removing the residues of nail polish remover. To know more about some Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid which everyone done while cleaning.

  6. Use fresh water –

    Repeat step 4 with fresh water.

    Best Way to Remove Nail Polish from the Carpet

    Best Way to Remove Nail Polish from the Carpet

  7. Pat dry the stain –

    Use the paper towel to absorb the solution after sponging. Use force for the better absorption.

  8. Dry the carpet –

    Use a fan for speed drying the carpet.

So, these were the steps you need to follow to remove the nail polish from the carpet and restore its original condition. Fresh Carpet Cleaning does this hectic task for you at cost-effective prices and helps you save your precious time. Hence, if you are seeking the best results, contact us and leave the rest to us.