Carpet Water Damage Cleanup Melbourne

Fresh Carpet Flood Water cleanup Melbourne

When you are faced with a flooding situation that requires Fresh Carpet Flood Water cleanup Melbourne, we will dispatch our highly trained start to your site. The exercise kicks off with a meticulous inspection of the affected site to determine existing safety threats and at the same time evaluate the amount of damage caused to make it easier for you to lodge claims with your insurer. Our team will start the Fresh Carpet Flood Water cleanup Melbourne process by applying evenly an approved antimicrobial spray for the purpose of eliminating any pathogens and avert any health problems to all those coming to the site  while forestalling all secondary dangers from causing harm to your property.
We will get busy with the mechanized extraction of all the flood water, our truck mounted equipment will be able to suck all the excess water from the building.  After successful extraction of water, all the wet carpets shall be keenly checked to find out whether they will be steam cleaned and later dried at your site or moved for the purpose of being cleaned away from site before being dried. We shall decide whether the underlay needs to be dried or removed altogether and replaced as part of the Fresh Carpet Flood Water cleanup Melbourne

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