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Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a highly reputed team of carpet cleaner from where you can get assured to get top niche solution of carpet steam cleaning in Bundoora. The certified carpet cleaner team is highly talented as we ensure to provide them extensive training. Our professionals are well configured with the top niche solution measures and techniques that are implied on the working strategy.

We prefer to utilize the modern powerful equipment for cleaning, disinfecting and drying the carpets. The chemicals used as disinfectants and deodorizers are eco-friendly and non-toxic. We are ever prepared to attain and solve your emergency case. As we execute the works on the same day we have become the first option for carpet restoration and cleaning in the local area. The charges for the unmatchable high end carpet cleaning and cleaning is comparably low. For the offered 24X7 hour carpet cleaner available services we have been able to earn high reputation.

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Water logged carpet

Hi there. The bath overflowed today and has waterlogged the carpet in 4 rooms. Can you please give me a call at your earliest convenience to arrange an emergency cleanup. Location: Drouin Thank you.

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Emergency Carpet Cleaning Bundoora

In case of an emergency such as tap leak on carpet, pet urine on carpet, vomit on carpet, flood damage restoration etc. Our team of professional carpet cleaners ready 24 X 7 to deliver express carpet restoration services in Bundoora. Never wait if you got your carpet flooded, leaving wet carpet for too long may become home bacteria, harmful germs etc. Give us call, we can professionally restore your flooded carpet on the same day of booking and we can dry the wet carpet within couple of hours.

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Bundoora’s No. 1 Choice for Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Carpet Cleaning Bundoora is the no.1 choice of thousands of Bundoora customers for their carpet cleaning requirements. We aim to become your one stop destination that offers quality and guaranteed carpet cleaning services. We completely restore your carpets giving them their original appearance and aura back. Our carpet connoisseurs have plenty expertise and ample experience to deliver highly deserved cleaning services to all kinds of carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

At Fresh Carpet Cleaning Bundoora, we indulge in two types of carpet cleaning processes and these are:

Carpet Dry Cleaning

  1. Inspection – The first step is to inspect the carpet to check its fabric, stains, and other things.
  2. Hi-tech vacuuming – Vacuuming ensures all dry particles are removed from the carpet.
  3. Washing – The washing takes place with eco-friendly solutions.
  4. Post-vacuuming – Finally the vacuum machines extract all moisture content leaving the carpet dry and cleaned.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

  1. Inspection – Inspection allows choosing the most appropriate cleaning agent.
  2. Dry vacuuming – The dry vacuuming makes sure all dry soil, dirt, and particles are eradicated.
  3. Pre-treatment of stains – The stains are pre treated with suitable solutions for effective results.
  4. Washing – The washing takes place once stains have been pre-treated.
  5. Hot water extraction – Hot water with pressure is used to accomplish this stage and remove all contaminants, dust, and stains.
  6. Pile setting – It is important to set the pile as many fibers lose their softness upon cleaning.
  7. Drying – Strong dryers are used to quickly dry the carpets.
  8. Deodorizing – And lastly carpets are deodorized so that they can smell great when we leave.

Carpets need to be cleaned even if you are unable to see any change in their appearance. It is best to get them professionally cleaned by experts like Fresh Carpet Cleaning Bundoora once in a while to keep them clean, healthy, and safe for use.

Call Fresh Carpet Cleaning Bundoora specialists to get carpet cleaning at lowest possible prices!

Our Carpet Cleaning Office in Bundoora

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